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    Lowry Sports Toe Hooks


    Lowry Sports

    Lowry Sports Toe Hooks

    Breaking Down Lowry's Toe Hooks

    Lowry Sports Toe Hooks are an innovative goalie gear accessory designed to replace traditional skate laces with a quicker, more efficient system. These hooks are part of the evolution in goalie equipment, aiming to reduce the time and hassle associated with gearing up.


    Say goodbye to those pesky, time-consuming laces and hello to a quicker, more efficient way to hit the ice.

    The Shift from Laces to Innovation

    Toe Hooks are designed to be easy to install on goalie pads, offering a simple hook-and-loop system that allows for quick attachment and detachment. This design enables goalies to get into their pads faster and with less frustration compared to traditional lacing methods.


    Constructed with durability in mind, these hooks are made to withstand the rigors of the game. They secure the goalie pads in place, providing a snug and comfortable fit that does not compromise on movement or stability.

    Toe Hooks – The Lowry Lineup

    Lowry Sports offers different models of Toe Hooks to suit various needs and preferences. For example, the TOEHOOK2PT is great for beginners and comes with essentials like cold-weather tie wraps, elastic extensions, and Velcro strips. The TOEHOOK3PT offers more advanced features, including additional toe hooks and a mix of screws for enhanced hold and customization.

    Why Make the Switch?

    Lowry Sports Toe Hooks are quick to attach, super durable, and give you a fit that's both comfy and secure. This means more time focusing on your game and less on your gear.

    Traditional laces can loosen during play, which may require readjustments. Toe Hooks provide a consistent, secure fit throughout the game, which means goalies can maintain optimal comfort and performance without mid-game distractions.

    By providing a secure attachment, Toe Hooks minimize the risk of pads shifting during play, which can prevent injuries related to equipment malfunctions.

    Setting Up Your Toe Hooks

    Using Lowry Sports Toe Hooks is straightforward and designed to make the life of a hockey goalie easier. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install and use Toe Hooks:

    Before installing the toe hooks, make sure your goalie pads are clean and free of any old lacing or attachments that might interfere with the new setup.


    Locate the toe bridge area of your goalie pads—this is typically at the front bottom part where traditional laces would go. Position the Toe Hooks according to where they align best with the holes or attachment points already on your pads.


    Depending on the model of the Toe Hook (like the TOEHOOK2PT or TOEHOOK3PT), you will either screw them directly into the pads using the provided screws and t-nuts or attach them using the elastic extensions and Velcro strips. Make sure they are tightly secured and the hooks face outward.


    Adjust the position and tightness of the hooks to ensure they provide a snug fit without restricting movement. The hooks should allow enough flexibility so you can easily attach and detach the pad from your skate without too much effort.

    Once the Toe Hooks are securely installed, simply hook them onto the corresponding part of your skate. This part is usually the toe cap or a designated loop near the toe area.

    Make sure the hooks are securely fastened to your skates and that the pads are comfortably aligned with your legs and skates. The connection should be tight enough to prevent the pads from shifting but still allow for necessary movement during play.

    On the Ice

    With the Toe Hooks in place, get on the ice and start moving around to test their performance. Pay attention to how the pads move with your legs and how secure they feel. Adjust if necessary to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness.


    Periodically check the Toe Hooks for any signs of wear or damage. Ensure the screws are tight and the hooks remain firmly in place. Keep the hooks clean from ice and debris to maintain optimal function. Wipe them down after games or practice sessions.

    Overtime: Lace Up or Hook Up?

    In the end, it's all about giving you the best tools to succeed. These Lowry Sports Toe Hooks are a big step forward in goalie gear. They're practical, reliable, and let's be honest – pretty cool.


    So, are you ready to switch up your game with these hooks?

    By switching to Toe Hooks, you can optimize yourr preparation, comfort, and performance. TheLowry Sports' commitment to "Game tested. Player approved." equipment.

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